Me 4 U

two love stories. one common factor. HER!

fanficpromotion asked: Yasssssssss boo

Lol! Yasss! I see ive been missed!

charjhan asked: I missss u how have u been/where have u been....I miss this story are u gonna update

i miss you too! i’ve been ok, and life has had me busy, but as i said i will update, not exactly sure of the day, but soon boo! i promise! I’m halfway through a chapter, but i want to make sure it is outstanding since i’ve been m.i.a for sooo long!

Anonymous asked: Very upset with u where u been

:( .. living life.

shadowlessmemoriesff asked: So you're coming back? I need to know what happens with my babies.

yes! i am. i won’t say when cause i don’t wanna get your hopes up, but yes boo, i am.

hiii guys!

y’all probably hate my guts! but i miss this and you all sooo much!!!

vanitieee asked: Hey I started a new fan fiction I wanted to know if you could read it and tell me what you think. And if you like it tell your readers to read mine maybe :)

sure, i’ll check it out.

crazyforbarca asked: Have you started writing the next chapter or nah?

Lol, I am off of everything today, school, and all my jobs, so yes, I am typing today!


Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown - Show Me (Explicit)

get into that blonde and that goatee

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